What is the Minoway English Program?

This is the generic name for the online English education services provided by Minoway LLC, mainly for business owners who are developing childcare businesses. In this global age, it is essential to develop human resources with an eye on the world. “Many parents feel that it is necessary for their children to learn English, and there is a need for childcare businesses to provide services to improve English skills.

Why you should choose MEP

The introduction of MEP into a business location will bring about a variety of benefits.

Service Description

Live broadcast

Online LIVE streaming:.

We offer high quality live online English lessons every weekday. Kate and her partners, Mino and Arla, will lead a fun-filled lesson based on the monthly theme and topic. KIds will spend 30 minutes moving their body with songs and exercises. If you can’t make it to the live show or want to watch it again, you can catch up within a week.


We have developed original flashcards that we use during online LIVE streaming. In addition to the large pictures and English/Japanese notation, the flashcards also include audio data so that children can listen to native English speakers’ pronunciation repeatedly. Even nursery school teachers who have no experience in English education say, “It’s easy to understand! It’s easy to use!”


Learning English is more than just watching and listening. It is essential to use worksheets appropriate for the children’s age to familiarize them with English using their hands and minds. To attract children’s interest and keep them focused on learning, we need to be creative and understand children’s characteristics. We have developed our original worksheets filled with years of know-how to provide high-quality English teaching services.

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We have developed a dedicated iOS app linked with online LIVE streaming, nursery teacher’s plans, flashcards, original videos, and worksheets. It is straightforward to use. You can watch LIVE streaming, do activities using flashcards, and print out worksheets with just one app. You will receive your original iPad with the app installed, so there is no need for any troublesome settings.*

*A Wi-Fi environment is required to use the app.

Support for Preschool teachers

MEP provides “annual,” “monthly,” and “weekly” nursery teaching plans according to the curriculum. MEP provides yearly, monthly, and weekly drafts for nursery teachers, which can be used as a reference for the aims of childcare guidance and for filling in childcare content.

Just incase you missed it

After the daily online LIVE streaming, we have adopted a “missed streaming system” that allows you to watch back over the next few days previously aired broadcasts. This allows you to follow up with children who have arrived late to preschool or to review the lessons.

Required Equipment
Original iPad