Peeka Mino Boo is a story of some friends who visit from the moon to learn about all the pretty things they find here on earth. The moon although a wonderful and magical place has very little color. But Planet earth is just full of beautiful things for our heroes Mino and Arla to investigate. Come along with them as they learn about all these new things in a new language, English, which their new friend Kate and Old man Tex speak.

Kate sensei

Kate Sensei

Teaching, singing and hanging with my friends Mino and Arla are my favorite hobbies.

Friend from the moon

I come to earth to learn about the beautiful earth. My best friend is Kate. Arla is my moon friend.

Arla another friend from the moon

A friend from the moon.

Arla loves hanging out with his friends. “Mino and Kate are awesome!”

Other Characters
All good friends of Kate, Mino and Arla!

The other characters who randomly make appearances. Uncle Earl, Polar bear and Penguin, Hamburger, Soda cup and French Fries..