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A: The age of 0 is the perfect time to build your “English brain” and “English ear”.

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A: Yes. Of course, each child progresses at a different pace and developmental level, but it is possible to solidify the foundation of English and improve English conversation skills. 0-2 year olds are at a time when they are inputting all kinds of information and storing it in their brains. In addition, since language development is greatly influenced by the amount of information they hear, it is necessary to create an environment where they are exposed to English for as much time as possible. With the MINOWAY English Program, your child will have the opportunity to take lessons with native English speaking teachers at a familiar daycare center. With the MINOWAY English Program, children can learn English naturally while concentrating and having fun at the same time!

Mino Listening and Learning

A: Don’t worry. First of all, please believe in your child’s potential. At this age, children have excellent language absorption and have the ability to listen, understand, and speak in English without translating it into Japanese. Children between the ages of 0 and 2 years do not always understand everything when spoken to in Japanese. That’s okay, because this is the time when they are inputting words into their brains. In addition, we try to structure our curriculum so that children can understand only in English without using Japanese as much as possible. Please do not worry.